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Submitter Comment: Browsing around Tumblr, had a bit of a LOL at this one. Hilariously awful

What’s Awful: 1. Tattooing a pregnant woman. No person with half a brain would ever do that. BIG risk of harming the baby! If that gets infected or anything, you can bet your bottom dollar the baby is going to be harmed by it 2. It looks like it’s done in someone’s kitchen, sooo unsanitary! and 3. I don’t usually hate on people for their choice of tattoo, but that baby isn’t going to be on board forever…

How can it be fixed: Pray to Jesus that the baby is not harmed. It would’ve been better to just go with a temporary tattoo, those ones you get at the $2 store and use a wet wash cloth to transfer them to your skin…

maybe she couldn’t afford an abortion

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    I hope this is fake
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    Oh dear god.
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    maybe she couldn’t afford an abortion
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    This has to be a joke.
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    What is she’s those ill people who think they’re pregnant cause she’s just chubby…
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    Jesus Christ guys
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    Are these people fucking retarded ?!??!
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